Our October 2023 show "Four Old Broads on the High Seas" is a sequel to last season's "Four Old Broads" and is precast. 

May 7 & 8


Casting 16 people for The Dastardly Doctor Devereaux 

Lotta Cash, a wealthy widow, must be on the lookout. The evil Dogsbreath Devereaux, M.D. plans to marry Lotta so he can inherit her fortune and her late husband’s clinic. Helping him is the nasty nurse, Hilda Hatchet, whom he promises to wed after he gets rid of Lotta. Wild? Well, talk about medical mania when the insanely jealous Hilda catches Dogsbreath flirting with our heroine, Wendy March. We can only hope that Dr. Phil Good, our hero, can save Wendy and the unsuspecting Lotta from certain death. With an abundance of zany patients, wild tunes (’How Do You Bandage a Broken Heart?,’ ’Emergency,’ ’Do the Bop,’ etc.) and a hilarious plot, this musical melodrama will certainly have your audience in stitches all the way! As they say, Nurses! Foiled again!


Nurse Hilda Hatchet: Tough, Mean, Ugly Inside and Out

Dr. Dogsbreath Devereaux: A smarmy villian, scheming and lecherous

Nurse Wendy March: Our heroine, pretty, innocent, and honor to her profession

Nurse Ivy Dripp: Kookie, not too bright, takes orders literally

Dr. Phil Good: Our hero, handsome, noble, a good guy in name and deed

Patient #1: a kid

Lotta Cash: Wealthy widow whom Devereaux plans to fleece

Patient #2: the victim of a trolley car accident

Orderly Ward Helper: Ivy's boyfriend, a large, muscle-bound guy

Trixie St. James: from Brooklyn, a Burlesque dancer

Patient #3: has a weight problem

Patient #4: has a banged up funny bone

Brother/Sister Sunbeam: a minister

Patient #6: a silent movie extra, shot by an arrow

Chorus: additional doctors, nurses, orderlies, and patients